Job Security...another word for Prison Sentence

Now let's get something straight.  There is ABSOLUTELY no such thing as "Job Security".

I really want to hammer this thought into my own mind, as well as anyone who comes across this page.  I live in America, went to public schools, am attending college (or amassing a huge debt, however you look at it) and one thing that has been smashed into my brain is the thought that in order to succeed in life you need to A. Follow the Rules B.  Get a "Good Job" C.  Get married and have kids.  Put all those eggs into one basket and hope it all works out.

Don't get me wrong.  These things are all well and fine, but lets be honest with ourselves.  If you work a job, whether it is salary or hourly, you are trading your time and talent to create a good or service that's intent is making somebody else very wealthy.  You may be well paid for this human energy you provide, but when it comes down to it, that somebody else can decide to just shut the whole operation down and leave you out in the cold.  There you are having spent countless years wasting away on learning a skill that is likely not transferable and has netted you hardly anything of value.

I know i'm talking to the 99% or whatever here, so anyone who gets paid millions to order others around this doesn't refer to you.  I'm on this treadmill myself, and it feels more like one of these:
I have what some would consider a safe, secure, service providing job.  In fact I work for one of the giants of my industry.  It's a nice job, and I do enjoy doing it, but I don't kid myself with ever thinking it's the true kind of "security" that I need or want.  

True security is knowing that you are in complete control of your own financial situations.  Not letting that control and responsibility flow to another person, because they honestly could care less about you.  Your company could decide someday soon to merge, or split and send you packing.
So how do I intend on creating true security?  Following my passions, doing what I feel I was actually born to do, building my talents and creating real value within myself so that whatever happens I can adapt and navigate to prosperity.  

That's really all this is about.  I think it's pretty alarming that it took me so long to realize that working hard for someone else was getting me literally nowhere.  I love my life, but that's because I'm an eternal optimist and enjoy myself regardless of the circumstances.
So to anyone who is fed up of running on the hamster wheel in search of your "job security" I challenge you to find out what really makes you tick, be creative and turn yourself into your own form of security.  Start a business, take control of your own future and take it back out of the hands of other people, after all ITS YOUR LIFE!  
"Normal is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work, driving through traffic in a car that you are still paying for, in order to get to a job that you need so you can pay for the clothes, car and the house that you leave empty all day in order to afford to live in it."
-Ellen Goodman

T25 - Wow.. awesome

So quite recently I started a new workout regimen.  I've been, for the past two years or so,  continually doing weight training with a pretty basic routine.  There was nothing particularly wrong with my regular routine, in fact it has shown excellent results in building up my mass.  As friends have told me I look "swoll up", which I generally accept as a compliment.

 I decided, however, that it was high time I work on "cutting" rather than bulking, especially since my family and I are planning a vacation to California soon, during which I'll expect to be at a pool or near a beach for some portion of the trip.  I want that ever-elusive 6 pack so I can show up and show off.  So my wife and I (she has similar goals) decided to give Shaun T with T25 a try.  We figured 25 minutes of work actually fits our busy schedule pretty well, and it didn't hurt to give it a try.

I must say I'm rather impressed by the workout.  It's not extremely difficult like some versions of high intensity interval training I've done in the past, but it's definitely on the edge, and much harder than your typical treadmill/bicycle cardio session. Your body gets taxed and if you perform the workout as directed you really do feel the work being done.

We've been at it for 3 weeks now and I must say I like the results so far.  I've already lost some weight and am showing up with muscles in places that were simply coated with fat before.  I think if we continue I should be able to easily attain my goal within a few short weeks.

The coolest thing, is that I see this as something I can continue, even with my weight training.  It's only a tiny fraction of time (25 minutes!!!) and it really does work during that period.  I don't think I've lost any amount of muscle, even though I have lost some weight.  If anything I think I may be maintaining or gaining some extra muscle in places I haven't really focused greatly on (my legs..I'm HORRIBLE with taking care to include my legs in my workouts, but this program sort of forces you into it)

So that's my take on Shaun T's T25.  Great workout, fun, and easy, but really works you hard if you stick to it.  I'd definitely recommend anyone to give it a try.

 Here you can find a discounted version of the program. Gotta love Amazon!

Bored as Hell

So I'm extremely bored right now.  I'm still going to school, still flagging around in poker, still not rich or wealthy as I want to what better to do than write about it?...  Honestly I somehow fail to see the point of working an endless fucking treadmill of a life anymore.  Why cant I just wake up and assume that prosperity is already here.. Well it is isn't it.  I have an amazing family.  I own my own home, somewhere I can call my domicile of living, that no one else can take from me.  I have my talents...nobody can touch those.  I'm intelligent, good looking, in great health and WHAT THE HELL do I have to complain about.  The answer is really nothing.. my life is great, and it's getting better every minute.  I guess it just takes a bit of ranting to really show me what I'm truly feeling.
So yeah..this is how I'm feeling right now.. Deal with it.  

I decided to start this blogging thing up again.  I'm about 5 IPAs into the night and will continue to write/rant/rave until I'm passed out.  This is quite alright.  

Look forward to seeing a lot more of this blog...its coming...