So I'm extremely bored right now.  I'm still going to school, still flagging around in poker, still not rich or wealthy as I want to what better to do than write about it?...  Honestly I somehow fail to see the point of working an endless fucking treadmill of a life anymore.  Why cant I just wake up and assume that prosperity is already here.. Well it is isn't it.  I have an amazing family.  I own my own home, somewhere I can call my domicile of living, that no one else can take from me.  I have my talents...nobody can touch those.  I'm intelligent, good looking, in great health and WHAT THE HELL do I have to complain about.  The answer is really nothing.. my life is great, and it's getting better every minute.  I guess it just takes a bit of ranting to really show me what I'm truly feeling.
So yeah..this is how I'm feeling right now.. Deal with it.  

I decided to start this blogging thing up again.  I'm about 5 IPAs into the night and will continue to write/rant/rave until I'm passed out.  This is quite alright.  

Look forward to seeing a lot more of this blog...its coming...