Does something in your life define who you are?  Is the fortune, or misfortune that befalls you the only plausible metric to define your success, or failure in life?

At some point in my life I did allow my circumstances to be the master of my destination in life.  My circumstances defined who I was at the time, what I cared about, where I was going, and ultimately what I wanted.  This was a huge mistake.

By being completely reactionary in my life I was never able to push ahead for the things I truly wanted.  All of the things that I felt passionate about were burdened by circumstances, that I allowed to take mastery over me.

When I realized that I had the power to stop thinking of life from a reactionary point of view, and start looking at all perspectives as opportunistic, rather than burdens.  All obstacles melted away.  Anything that previously seemed insurmountable, became just another nuisance.  I gained true power.  Now I feel that power, and learn how to channel it more and more everyday into creating the life for myself that I truly want.

We must not allow our circumstances to define us.  We cannot become slaves to circumstance.  In order to be what we want, we have to take it, with action, not reaction.

How do we master our circumstances?  Quite easily really, but we must first understand them, and their ultimate source.  What I've come to learn is that my perspective on life is defined by my own personal filter.  Whatever I see, is what I expect to see.  Whatever comes into my life, is exactly what I believe my life is supposed to experience.

This may be hard to swallow for many people, it was definitely difficult for me to grasp.  Having been raised as a reactionary person, believing that there is an objective point of all reality made it incredibly difficult to grasp the concept of subjective reality.

I decided to try and use the same methods as I had in the past to alter my scope on reality, to see if any results would provide me with a positive proof to the otherwise assumed knowledge of an objective view.

To my surprise I did find positive results from my experiments with altered thoughts.  When I purposefully tried to maintain a positive disposition in life, positivity surrounded me, and not just in small bites, but quite abundantly.  With my mind now completely immersed and focused upon my personal happiness I was able to seemingly create it.  I was happy on purpose.  This may not seem like a feat for many of you, especially those of you who already have an optimistic predisposition, but for me this was tremendous, as my emotions have always been a rampant roller coaster, with huge downs, large neutral runs, and few ups.  For several months at a time I felt like I was literally "high" on life.  I used to laugh hysterically at the notion that one could induce a euphoric high without a substance, not anymore.

As I became more open to new experiences, being so pleased with the results of my first experiments, I learned that many of my previously held beliefs, and presuppositions were completely pointless to who I was now... Now I was a completely different person, though still myself as I know it, everything had shifted.  I feel like the only plausible explanation can be considered a shift in consciousness.  My thoughts have actually changed their direction from mostly negative to overwhelmingly positive, and I can continue to create this experience, with almost no end in sight, each time bringing a new shift, a new level of "high" if you will.. While remaining to be in complete control (as opposed to substance caused "high")

So this is how I was able to break free from circumstances.  It started with some positive thinking.  The realization that just because something had happened to me, or around me, didn't mean I was "supposed" to feel a certain way, react in a specific manner.  I had gained control over my emotions, therefore control over myself.  The wonderful freedom that I feel now is very difficult to describe but I will try my best in later posts.

Be a master of yourself, not a slave to your circumstance.