I see a growing trend amongst people these days.  It is seemingly 'chic' to be a "realist" or a pessimist by definition, and to walk through life always seeing the negative points to any situation or circumstance.

I suppose most people that tend to align themselves with this personality trait have rationalized it to themselves in some shape or form, however, I can't help but think they would enjoy life a bit more with a different perspective.

The marvels of modern science have given us clues as to how a person's predisposed reactions can affect them both physically and mentally.  Optimists live longer, plain and simple.  Several studies have shown time and time again that persons with a gloomy outlook on life tend to contract life threatening diseases at a higher rate than those who consider themselves optimistic.

Not only that but these optimists in general had better health, and financial means. 

If your health and your finances aren't a good enough reason to change your outlook on life I don't know what is.

The question remains, "Can a person who is pessimistic by nature become an optimist?"  My answer is yes.

The transformation is actually fairly easy.  First take a look at everything in your life and count your blessings.  The fact that you can read this shows you are in a position of abundance.  Access to the internet itself is a huge blessing that many easily take for granted.  If you are able to read you are likely educated to some degree, there are places around the world that can't even afford schools, and have extremely high illiteracy rates.  Further if you've eaten at least once today, that's more than many starving persons in third world countries.  In fact, every other second someone dies from starvation.  Are you dead?  No?  Good just checking.  So you really have to look at your surroundings and realize that personally, you already have it pretty good.  Just being alive is a huge blessing that has to be recognized in order to be an optimistic person, each breathe you take is a gift, live your life feeling grateful for having that opportunity.

Life is to be expressed to its fullest at every minute, every second is an opportunity, don't waste that expression on feeling negative.