It's been said before, and I repeat it here.  One who works doing what they Love never works a day in their Life.

I hold steadfast to this notion, and with the entirety my being I feel elevated by the very thought.  Finding your passion in life gives you purpose and reason, and any expressive medium that true passion flows through becomes an easily performed task, and with time an excellently performed one.  There is no strain or struggle.  No plodding, nor regret for the work of the future, as it is looked forward to gratefully by one who possesses such a personal connection to their craft.

I found my passion when I began to write, creatively and effortlessly.  The thoughts that flow and drive my words upon paper (or computer page) are drawn from within.  Each sentence reverberates throughout my entire body, as though a part of me were being detached, and put towards the expression I create when I write.

That is my passion...what is yours?  Are you following your passion willfully, or are you following your conditioning, social constructs that beg you to "BE This", "Follow that", when you would much rather spend your time in a different way.  If you aren't then I would suggest that you aren't truly living.  Certainly bills need to be paid, and a living earned, but when we truly look back on our lives and look at all the opportunities and true happiness we passed up to embrace the safety of a next paycheck...will it be worth it?

Never mind success. Ignore monetary gain and focus yourself upon the task you perform, with grace, and fluency.  Allow your mind to wander to whatever depths it wishes as you develop your skills in whatever you wish to achieve.  As you perfect your art, you will feel it.  Rising like a fire inside you, driving you, inciting your native desires, and pushing you to new limits you never thought possible.

Ignore all limiting thoughts of doubt, or worry, and set aside fear for a later time.  Allow your passion to invoke the infinite potential within your own creativity.  Throw out the social conditioning that has aligned you with something you truly dislike, and ignore any nagging friends or family.  Do what you love.  Then when your life is finally at a close, you can gratefully look back at what you've created, inspired by passion, and feel truly alive.